is a network of organizations committed to community wellness through:
  • economic growth & development
  • business & resident advocacy
  • accountable government

Teaneck Road Business-Community Alliance (TRBCA) advocates for North Teaneck merchants and residents, working with government, for the common good, promoting economic advancement, while building a wholesome community.

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Teaneck Road Business-Community Alliance
Executive Board
Joyce Giddens
- Chair
Robert Giddens
- Vice Chair
Michelle Squitieri
- Interim Treasurer
Cherise Canton
- Interim Recording Secretary
Liza Fernandez
- Interim Corresponding Secretary
Michael Squitieri
- Interim Tech Support Consultant
Gloria Wilson
- Senior Advisor

Technical Assistance

As a member of TRBCA, through our technology partner, the TechHandie Corporation, your business can receive technical assistance in building a website.


One of the important roles TRBCA plays in the community is that of advocacy. We act as a liasion between the business community and the township. Advocating on behalf of the merchants with the municipal government.

We engaged and pursued the township to invest in the streetscape construction project: an initial but crucial step in the revitalization of Teaneck Road business district.

We stay abreast of the issues that matter to your business and are there to lend our voice on your behalf.


The cost of a Teaneck Road Business-Community Alliance membership for a business is $75 annually

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Residents are a vital part of any community. The residents of the northeast district are dear to us. They are our eyes. They are our ears. They are our feet. They are our inspiration. We share their vision of a safe, well-kept district, that is thriving socially, as well as economically.

We are committed to understanding their needs and addressing their concerns. We are committed to helping establish a dialog between:

  • Residents and Merchants
  • Residents and Government

We partner and work with neighborhood and block associations to stay in touch with our residents. Here are a list of some of the ones we work with. We encourage you to check them out.

Neighborhood Associations
  • East Votee Neighborhood Association
  • Northeast Block Association
  • Beaumont Block Association
  • Voorhees Block Association


We are developing workshops to inform and empower residents. Please check back here periodically to discover what is available.


We believe in the ideal of "government of the people, by the people, for the people". We believe and advocate for transparent government accountable to the community and ALL of its members.

We leverage our presence in and knowledge of the community in liasing between residents, merchants, and government.

We attend council, board of adjustment, and planning board meetings to stay abreast of what is happening in government, as well as give voice to the concerns and interests of community members. We share that information on this website.


WE ARE NOT LOBBYISTS. We are community advocates. We work with, work along side, help communicate, help mend, help support community residents and merchants, with the township; with the common goal of establishing a healthy, thriving community.

As a resident or merchant you play a vital role in advocacy as well. We want to hear from you in regards to our community:

  • what are you hearing?
  • what are you seeing?
  • what interests you?
  • what concerns you?
Township of Teaneck

Please visit and familiarize yourself with the township's website: Township of Teaneck New Jersey. There is a lot of information there to help you stay abreast of what is going on in the township.

Teaneck Road Business-Community Alliance
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